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Cute As A Button- Touch and Squeak - Squishy and Squeaky

Cute As A Button- Touch and Squeak - Squishy and Squeaky

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Join Little Chick on her journey around the farm as she learns about being cute while making friends along the way. Celebrate family and friendship with this fun story that comes with an attached squishy and squeaky chick button. * Bright, colorful, original illustrations of favorite farm animals such as cows, rabbits, horses, and more are included in this board book. * Encourages repeat reading with a touch and squeak, squishy chick character. * Cover and inside pages are die cut so the squishy chick character shows through all the pages. * Toddlers will enjoy hearing the squeaky sound of the chick character button. * Short rhyming sentences will keep baby's attention. * Add a new baby book to a child's library today! Illustrated by Alicia Arlandis.  Book Details * Board Book with peek-through squeaky button * 14 Pages  * 5.75 inches x 7.5 inches * Ages Baby to 6 * ISBN: 9781956818864 * Retail Price: $9.99

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