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Know It All - Animal Kingdom

Know It All - Animal Kingdom

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How much do you know about the animal kingdom? From elephants to blue whales, millipedes to polar bears, how well can you articulate the facts to win? Use the wild facts to give clues and help other players to guess the animals shown on the cards and win points! Learn all about the animal kingdom with this fun and educational kids 'Animal Kingdom' Know it All card game and work together to learn and win!

Complete with 52 large format cards with fun graphic illustrations and animal facts, and 1 sand timer, this kids card game is perfect as an awesome gift for children who love all things to do with the animal kingdom, from lizards to mammals, birds to sea animals, on their birthday or at Christmas!

How To Play:
1. Shuffle the cards. The youngest player goes first to pick a card without showing everyone else, and turns the sand timer to begin!
2. They must describe the animal and use the facts to help them, but be careful! You cannot read any of the 5 facts to the other players!
3. If another player guesses correctly, you both win a point!
4. If nobody guesses correctly before the timer runs out, the player reading the card loses a point!
5. The winner of the game is the player with the most points once all of the cards have been used!

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