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Dock & Bay Dog Towels - Bark Blue

Dock & Bay Dog Towels - Bark Blue

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Featured on Oprah's 'Favorite Things' Gift List 2023! Wet walkies? We’ve got you. Soft, not ruff, towels just for dogs. Quick drying & absorbent, with handy hand pockets to keep your own paws clean.

Be pup-ared, whatever the weather.

What makes these dog-friendly towels so good?

  • Quick drying - Dries 2x faster than regular cotton
  • Handy Pockets - Keep your own paws clean as you dry
  • Absorbent - Soaks up puddle water with ease
  • Compact - Fits in your car or pocket on a walk
  • Waffle fabric - Thick and soft on fur
  • Planet-kind - Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles
  • Made from 83% Polyester, 17% Polyamide
  • Certified B Corp - that means they’re better!

We’ve committed to ensuring that all of our products be made from 100% recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles, which would have otherwise been left to pollute the planet.

At least 34 plastic bottles have been recycled to make each Dog Towel, and all of our products are made by suppliers who are certified by the Global Recycled Standard.

No compromise on comfort though - our products still maintain their luxury feel.

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