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Heebie Jeebies 6000 Fizz Rocket

Heebie Jeebies 6000 Fizz Rocket

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Heebie Jeebies 6000 Liquify Fizz Rocket

The Liquify Collection from Heebie Jeebies is all about shooting for the stars. Put together your own rocket and watch it fly sky high. It's an amazing mix of science and fun, all in one. The Liquify rockets are intended to encourage curious minds. This Bicarb and vinegar powered Rocket is one that you can shoot off into the air in an excitable and repeatable experiment for fun over and over again. Heebie Jeebies prides itself on creating kits, toys, gear, accessories, and more for science enthusiasts. Their products are a great way to put a smile on a scientist's face or to plant the seeds of science in a growing mind. Heebie Jeebies loves to create fun things for both big and little inquisitive minds. We design and develop many of our own products as well as sourcing the latest exciting products from around the world for the newest and coolest items on the market. Package contains (1) Liquify Fizz Bicarb & Vinegar Rocket Kit. Comes in two assorted colors. Measures 4 inches tall. For ages 7 and up. Intended for use with adult supervision.

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