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My First Dinosaur Dig

My First Dinosaur Dig

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Become a Paleontologist & Make Dinosaur Discoveries


My First Dinosaur Dig has everything young paleontologists need to make new dinosaur discoveries, including a magnifying glass, brush, trowel, chisel, and more!

Grab your tools and get ready, it’s time to go fossil hunting! This interactive book features lift-the-flap panels and removable cardboard cut-outs for a full fossil dig experience—in book form! Pack up your gear, brush and chisel away at dirt and stone, use your magnifying glass to identify dinosaur footprints, uncover dinosaur bones, and more. This uniquely designed book will promote creativity and hours of fun as kids learn about dinosaurs and paleontology. 

With this book, you will:
- Spark a love of dinosaurs and encourage kids to learn more about science
- Promote fine motor skills and cognitive development
- Encourage imagination and creativity 

Get ready to excavate these dig sites and make amazing fossil finds with My First Dinosaur Dig.

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