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Rigwa Fresh Bowl (40oz) Insulated Travel Bowl

Rigwa Fresh Bowl (40oz) Insulated Travel Bowl

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Eat Fresh. Anywhere! The insulated, non-toxic travel bowl keeps food hot | cold for hrs so you can enjoy your meals fresh, on your terms. Topped with a leak proof lid and constructed with double wall stainless steel, our Fresh Bowl can simply do it all!

Cold up to 8hrs*
Hot up to 4 hrs*
*See Use & Care for best temperature performance
Non-toxic clean materials
Double wall food-grade stainless steel
Holds 40oz
Endless options (Lunch Box, Serve-Ware, Travel Ready)
Inserts Sold Separately

1. Dishwasher safe (top rack).
*Hand wash recommended for best lifelong use.
2. Do NOT microwave.
3. See packaging for finger placement & easy opening.

RIGWA will keep contents hot UP TO 4 hrs | cold UP TO 8 hrs, so check out these tricks to get the most out of your RIGWA.

1. Fill it up. The more food in the RIGWA the better as it cuts down on cooler “air space”.

2. Food density is key. Cutting out any air space between food helps retain temps longer.

Example: Oatmeal, Pasta, Soup / Stew retain temps much longer than a chicken leg and loose veggies.

3. Priming never hurts. Not necessary, but many customers like to “prime” their RIGWA with warm / hot water prior to putting hot foods inside.

Example: Fill your RIGWA with hot water and let sit for 30 seconds or so. Empty water from RIGWA and then fill with your food.

4. Keep the lid on. Each time the lid is removed, significant heat is released.

5. Storage temps. Its a beautiful day out… or is it? Although RIGWA is double wall and vacuum insulated, keeping your RIGWA in very cold temps will reduce the amount of time it will retain heat.

40oz (lid on) 48oz (off)

304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel
PP (BPA & Phthalates Free)
Non-Toxic, Premium Materials

Opening diameter: 7.00"
Bottom of bowl: 5.00"
Height: 4.00"

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