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Sparkle Reel Sparkle and Shine Rhinestone Badge Reel

Sparkle Reel Sparkle and Shine Rhinestone Badge Reel

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Adorable non-interchangeable Rhinestone and Hand-painted Enamel design is mounted on our Heavy-Duty rotating alligator clip badge reel.

Designed in the USA. 

Add a Fun, Blingy, Dilly Dangle charm to your Sparkle & Shine. Cleanable and durable, a cute way to add a little sparkle to your day!

Measures between .5" and 1" height and diameter.

The Sparkle and Shine badge reels are made with the highest quality materials making them safe for use in the medical field and to use for everyday wear.

Each design is attached to a heavy duty badge reel that has a STRONG rotating alligator clip AND a STRONG retractable string that can handle more weight than the average badge reel.  


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